Week 13: Santa

December 23, 2009 at 12:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Remember, if you want to join in, just hang around Twitter on Monday night or Tuesday, find out what this week’s subject is, and post your efforts to @DJBogtrotter with the hashtag #tuesdaysketch.

By @BenOfAllTrades from Cheesequake

By @andjambro

By @keithcsmith from Karmic Debt

By @agent_x from Agent X

By @dangermaus from Unbearable Bears

By @spacepops from Space Pops

By @ilovemom from Lai Guys

By @swikan from Life’s a Witch

By @tokka79 from Tokka’s Sketch

By @Nycteris from Glimmerville

By @DungeonLegacy from Dungeon Legacy

By @charlesdowd from CDowd

By @BadgerBeth from Cravensworld

By @Doylecomic from Underwhelmed

By @spudcomics from Spud Comics

By @davestolte from Dave Stolte

By @DJBogtrotter from DJ Bogtrotter

By @darthapo from Zoo Dot Com


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  1. UGGGGHH! >_< – to the first comic

    I was Christmas shopping today and I walked past where they always have the Santa that takes photos with kids and stuff. There was no crowd or lines, or anyone near the Santa "booth" and I thought maybe Santa was on a break. But when I walked closer, I saw Santa sitting on his "throne". I guess no one can afford to pay for photos with a fat man in a red suit anymore.

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